Strawberry Fields Animal Rescue – Pet Grooming Services

We are a full service pet grooming facility conveniently located in Wellington, Nevada

Our pet grooming hours of operation are Monday – Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Please call (775) 265-3130 to Schedule an Appointment. Thank you!

Pet Grooming is a key part in the well being of your furry family member, it helps with the health of your pet and can also improve on your pet’s lifespan. All breeds require grooming, how often just depends on the type of breed, age, or health of your pet.


The Strawberry Fields Animal Rescue groomer, Gina Stanchfield has been in the grooming business for 20+ years and has the magic touch to make any pup, feline, or even a bird look beautiful. She also brings a comforting touch to the animals causing less stress during grooming.

Strawberry Fields Animal Resuce Pet Grooming
20+ Years of Experience

Gina brings years of grooming experience.

Care Advice

Looking for advice on your pet? Just ask and we will be happy to give grooming tips!

Wellington Nevada

Located in Wellington, Nevada. Easy appointment making and conveniently located!

Our Grooming Clients Love Us!

Sherry Recommends S.F.A.R

Gins is warm wonderful person and she really wants to help her animals the best she can provide!

Marianne Recommends S.F.A.R.

I’m so grateful for this place! Can handle my rowdy dog and my very senior cat without any nicks to their skin and the coat is even! 100% worth the drive. Great people who do great work to support a great cause!

Jessica Recommends S.F.A.R.

Took my Great Pyrenees to get groomed for the first time at SFAR. Gina and Jessica were great with my gentle giant! HE looks and smells fantastic and all proceeds go directly back into the rescue to save more animals. You can really tell how muck these women care for animals. I will be a repeat customer for years to come.

Strawberry Fields Animal Rescue Pet Grooming

Pet Care/Grooming Services in Wellington, Nevada

We look forward to speaking with you. Please feel free to reach out to us to schedule your grooming appointment today! You can reach us at (775) 265-3130.